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Progressing on Interviews

I just conducted my fourth interview last night and progress is going well on that front. The format is semi-structured interviews so I am still tweaking my questions. Currently I have two formats for my questions one is a general outline of topics and the other is the same topics but specific questions. Wouldn’t you know that the general outline is too broad and the specific questions are, well — too specific! I’m hoping to get time in the next day or two to get my questions/topics into a format that is between the two. I’ve also added a couple questions that are needed that I didn’t have before.

Interviews are averaging around 1.5 hours which works as I usually schedule 2 hours. I found last night that I am able to set-up my video equipment a lot faster than the first couple interviews where I felt awkward fumbling with cords and attachments with the lavalier mics. The Audio-Technica 3350 lav mics have been just phenomenal the sound that I get with these is crystal clear. My first interview I used the mono y adapter and found that to work fine but I used the Hosa stereo y adapterfor my interviews on Monday and found the sound to be clearer and when they are imported to Adobe Premiere Pro the sound is split between left and right with my voice on one side and the interviewer voice on the other.  I think this will make any sound editing a lot nimbler with the two voices on separate tracks. It has really been a trial and error endeavor. I tested sound quality before my interviews but I received all my audio equipment just days before my first interview so wasn’t able to upload it and get it in to Adobe Premiere Pro to check the audio tracks until this week. Now I feel I have a good handle on the audio.

One issue I have noted is lighting. I’ve been conducting interviews during the day and at night. I find the interviews during the day look a lot better with the natural lighting but the first interview I conducted was in a dimly lit area at night so it is very dark. I’m hoping I can tweak this in Adobe Premier Pro. The Bescor LED lightis extremely bright and people find it too bright when it is pointed at them. In this run and gun scenario I’m not sure what I’ll do. For now I have diffused the LED light but that seemed to mute the light too much. I’m still thinking this through and hope to figure something out that isn’t too intrusive.

In general people seem okay and fairly natural on video. Have a bit of downtime until more interviews next week on Monday. So far I’m scheduling them mostly on Monday as I have the two babies in childcare or in the evenings or on weekends. That has been working pretty well so far except the difference in lighting.

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